Genetic IgH (MM) DNA Test

Genetic IgH (MM) DNA Test

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The IgH gene undergoes rearrangement early in the development of B-cells.
In a polyclonal population of B-cells, each B-cell is expected to have a unique and different rearrangement, yielding a heterogeneous pattern when analyzed by PCR. By contrast, in a monoclonal population of B-cells, a
homogeneous pattern will be seen by PCR.

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This assay, which interrogates the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene (IGH) by a PCR method based on the BIOMED-2 consensus, is useful for establishing clonality of B-cell lymphoid neoplasms and in the identification of minimal residual disease or early recurrence in patients with a previous diagnosis of a B-cell neoplasm. It can be used in association with the immunoglobulin kappa light chain since false-negative results can occur in up to 10-20% of B-cell malignancies when testing for IGH only. The highest rates of non-detectable IGH clonal rearrangements are in IGVH-mutated B-cell neoplasms such as follicular lymphoma and plasma cell neoplasms and in B-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma due to absent or incomplete B-cell receptor rearrangements.