Genetic MDS PANEL (Cytogenetics + FISH [del(5q), del(7q), del(20q)]) DNA Test

Genetic MDS PANEL (Cytogenetics + FISH [del(5q), del(7q), del(20q)]) DNA Test

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Cost 14,000/- Rs

Aids in diagnosis of MDS in conjunction with cytogenetics.Most useful in individuals with <20 metaphases available for standard cytogenetics
May aid in identifying individuals with MDS who could benefit from lenalidomide With abnormal karyotype involving chromosome 5 When a del(5q) anomaly is suspected, but is absent according to conventional cytogenetics.

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Diagnosis of MDS is often difficult and may require combination testing
Detects specific genomic aberrations not detected by cytogenetics.Aids in classification of disease risk in MDS for therapy decisions.A specific MDS-associated karyotypeDiagnosis of presumptive MDS is allowed in individuals with refractory cytopenia(s) who lack unequivocal dysplasia if specific cytogenetic abnormalities are detected