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Our goal, at DNA Labs India, is to make a difference in patient’s lives and for the past twenty years, the Company’s strategy has been guided by this mission. To accomplish this, we are focused on revolutionizing patient care through the development and marketing of transformative tests which address pressing clinical needs across multiple medical specialties.

Research and Development - At DNA LABS INDIA, we have established an extensive and unique mutation database with a particular emphasis on neurogenetic, metabolic, and ophthalmological diseases. We analyze samples from over 90 countries which enables us to cross-reference multiple ethnic backgrounds and gender- specific clinical symptoms. This helps us to provide more comprehensive interpretations of mutations and unclassified variants.

At DNA LABS INDIA, we are continuously improving our diagnostic services to facilitate an appropriate post-diagnostic treatment. Our medical experts are developing new biomarkers that are associated with genetic anomalies, which allow us to establish the extent to which a patient is affected by a disease

Prenatal Diagnostic Service – because early detection is crucial DNA LABS INDIA offers a wide range of tests to perform prenatal diagnosis, which allows for the identification of disease causing mutations at an early stage. The selection of an appropriate testing strategy and fast diagnostics are key factors in prenatal diagnostics. Therefore, our experts communicate directly with medical professionals and will ensure a rapid turnaround time for all prenatal analysis.

We can carry out prenatal testing from all sample materials, including chorionic villi, amniotic fluid, as well as fetal DNA. Moreover, you also have the option of sending us test tubes containing pre-cultivated cells.To ensure that your prenatal samples are given the highest priority, please contact us prior to dispatch so that we know to expect them

Next Generation Sequencing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a revolutionary technology that delivers fast and efficient genetic information by allowing the parallel sequencing of multiple genes. This method facilitates the clinical steps involved in accurately diagnosing complicated phenotypes. NGS accelerates genome based research which leads to a better understanding of the genetic basis of diseases, rapid development of efficient diagnostic tools, and the effective treatment of human diseases.

DNA LABS INDIA offers a broad portfolio of different NGS panels in fields such as neurogenetics, metabolics, cardiogenetics, and ophthalmology. Our technical equipment includes 454 pyrosequencing (Roche) to be able to analyze longer sequences and semi-conductor sequencing (Life Technologies) which allows for high throughput screening. This procedure reduces operating costs and turnaround times, permitting DNA LABS INDIA to provide affordable NGS-based diagnostics to all patients

Whole Exome Sequencing – Future’s knowledge applied today DNA LABS INDIA provides a comprehensive whole exome sequencing (WES) workflow with the fastest sequencing run times and extensive quality criteria. We guarantee a high quality standard for WES testing: The mean coverage depth for the exome is 120x, with > 95% of bases covered at ≥ 20x. Several million base pairs with potential sequence variations can be detected compared to the control sequence with a sensitivity higher than 90%.

DNA LABS INDIA has developed a sophisticated bioinformatic pipeline to analyze and interpret WES data. In addition, we utilize different sophisticated software packages. Using DNA LABS INDIA’s skilled bioinformatic and medical analysis, raw data are translated into comprehensive medical reports. Our technical equipment includes the Ion-Torrent, Proton technology.